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Must_buy food items on shopping list of foreign tourists visiting Korea 2017

Thailand has tiger ointment, Japan got cleansing foam and Taiwan is famous for cracker.
There are the essential shopping item to buy when you travel to these country by all means.

Food and snacks are among foreign tourists' favorite shopping list when in Korea.
Last year, food ranked second, following perfume and cosmetics on the essential shopping list of foreign tourists.
(Report on Survey on the Status of Foreign Tourists in 2016.)

Fire chicken ramen is popular among foreigners who challenge spicy taste as well as Jajang ramen, Jjambbong ramen and kalguksu ramen to name a few.
If you like ramen, you should definitely go shopping in Korea.

Gim(Korean dried seaweed)
"Do you eat black paper?" Even the westerners who were disgusted when trying this food for the first time gets addicted to the salty flavor. When foreign tourists go back home, Gim packs are filled up with both hands.

Pear drinks
Drinks made from shaved pears are popular among Western magazines as they are known as "miraculous beverages to relieve hangovers."

Banana flavored milk
Banana milk is known through the Korean Wave drama, and it often appears on the foreigner's Korean shopping certification shot on SNS.

Mixed coffee
The sweet and savory coffee mix is ​​highly praised even in countries that have enjoyed coffee for a long time. Recently, there are many kinds of coffee mix such as latte and mocha.

Oreo Oz
The cereal Oreo Oz that Americans loved. Tragically(?), production of this snack is discontinued locally, and it is one of essential shopping item for American tourists in Korea.

Yogurt jelly
Yogurt jelly is a sweet snack in a cute shape. It is regarded as one of the best snacks in Korea by foreign bloggers.

Ready Q-Chu
The unique hangover drink in the form of jelly, Ready Q-chu is a must-have item for Chinese tourists now that it gets word-of-mouth since introduced by famous Chinese blogger.

In Korea, mask packs to shampoos, toothpaste, rice cookers and cute character socks, dolls are popular shopping items among foreign tourists other than groceries.

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Korean fashion knocks at European market 2017

In Paris, fashion district Saint-Honoré, there is the best-known editorial shop "Colette".
It is one of the famous places that symbolize the fashion city.
Five Korean designers were encountered here with fashion people in Europe.
The pop-up store which was held from July 31 to August 5, lasted for a week.
Through the weekly pop-up store, five Korean brand names, "Kye" (Kye Han Hee), "Beyond Closet" (Go Tae Yong) "General Idea"(Choi Bum-seok) "Moonj" (Moon Jin Hee) and "Ti Baeg" (Jo Eun Ae) advertised Colette's two windows in a splendid manner.

The pop-up store was a pre-release event for Paris, the K-fashion project, which will be presented at Paris Fashion Week this September (September 26 - October 3).
Five designers are planning to hold a fashion show on September 30th at the Palais de la Bourse, a historic landmark in Paris, to promote Korean fashion to the world.
It is one of the Korean fashion designers' overseas advancement project which is promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Industry and supervised by the Korea Fashion Industry Research Institute.
It is also a stage where you can see the power of K-fashion that attracts attention in the world market.

'K-fashion project Paris' is the first major Korea related event to be held at Paris Fashion Week.
The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy supports the event expenses as part of the "K-fashion premium designer global distribution linkage project" sponsored by the Korea Fashion Industry Research Institute.
In particular, all costumes in this collection are made with made in Korea fabrics and Korean sewing technology. Promoting local buyers with the excellence of Korean design originality and costume making technology by promoting 'Made in Korea, Made for You' as a slogan to promote exports to premium value textile and fashion strategy.
Prior to participating in Paris Fashion Week, the five designers at the Colette, a Paris editing shop for a week, was a great opportunity to get a close look at the reactions of local consumers.
Especially, as the news that Colette will be closed by the end of this year, number of visiters to collet shops as well as fashion people were rapidly increased.
Colette Roussaux, founder Colette shop, who has been directing products for himself for the past 20 years since 1997, surprised many fans by announcing that he would shut down the shop on December 20th through Instagram in July.

This place, which sold clothes, household appliances, music and magazines that reveal its owner's taste is a place that fashion stars like Chanel's chief Karl Lagerfeld loved.
As such, the pride of the designers who sell their products at this place is also great.
Designer Go Tae Yong said, "Colette is store that i have been interested in since 10 years ago when I first became a designer and I made a commitment to display my clothes here someday, this time I was able to achieve that goal."

European buyers paid great attention in Korean designer's outfits and various propositions continued to be made to the designers after the event.

2017년 8월 12일 토요일

The movie ‘Midnight Runners’ is sleeper hit: Korean Box office, August 2017

The movie ‘Midnight Runners’ debuted on the box office at second place, surpassing the 'The Battleship Island' on the opening day.

According to the cinema ticket network of the Film Promotion Commission, the 'Midnight Runners' climbed to the box office to second place with a total of 308,310 audience on 1,102 screens across the nation on August 9.
The cumulative audience is 344,966.

‘Midnight Runners’ revolves around two Korean National Police University students, who witnessed a kidnapping incident and tracked it down.

The domestic box office is enlivened with domestic movies. The popularity of the 'The Battleship Island' has waned somewhat, but it still ranks third and is showing off strength. Other domestic movies are waiting to be released in a row, and this phenomenon is expected to continue for a while.

Meanwhile, the first place in the box office was the 'taxi driver' with 404,959 audiences on 1,446 screens across the country. Followed by "The Battleship Island" (47,959) at third place, "Super Bad 3" (46,902), and "Annabel: Doll Master" (24,864) .

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The Reason Why Korean Spend So Much On Buying Smartphones

Korea has a fastest smartphones replacement rate.
According to the "2016 Internet Usage Survey," Korean consumers change their smartphones every two years and seven months.
The proportion of premium products in the market is certainly high as well.
In the first half of the year, 60% of the domestic sale accounted for high-end phones priced higher than 600,000 won($550).
So Korea got a bad reputation as a 'smartphone overspending' nation.

On august 9, one of the domestic mobile industry experts said , "There might be some socio-cultural characteristics of Korean reflected in the preference and replacement of premium smartphones in Korea," but "the most fundamental reason for overspending on smartphones is the current distribution structure of smartphones in Korea."

Most smartphones sold in Korea are bundled with the mobile network service from the major providers with monthly smartphone installment payments of 24 months, 30 months, and 36 months.

An industry source said, "The mobile communication store sells the high-end smartphones with card discounts regardless of the credit stability of the consumers anywhere in the country."

"When you buy a TV, the price is either 3 million won, 150,000 won or 500,000 won. You set your budget and make a reasonable shopping according to your cash and card limit, however,  when you buy smartphones, mobile service provider attach installment payments of smartphones to the monthly service bill and only provides the greatest discount when buying a high-priced premium phones with most expensive service plan, thus this sales method usually causes an illusion to the consumer and encourage over-spending," he pointed out.

Another official said, "Mobile operators are paying a lot of subsidies to high-end smartphones and combine them with high-priced plans, while paying low subsidies to cheaper smartphones so it leads to customers to buy more expensive phones than they need."

"In order to reduce the phenomenon of over-consumption on premium smartphones, it is necessary to separates smartphone sales and mobile network services." he added.

Jaein waterfall in rainy Summer

The pond has a sad legend about a man named Jaein who is capable of tightrope walking and his beautiful wife.
On July 7, the Jaein waterfall in Yoncheon Gun, Gyeonggi Province.
The columnar joint, which has a mysterious spirit, shines like a jewel in the rain.